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The Warren Estabrooks Speakers Series (WESS)


Our Mission

The Warren Estabrooks Speaker Series promotes engagement in best practice in the field of communication disorders by facilitating professional continuing education and collaborative dialogue.

Our Goals

Engage recognized leaders as presenters
Our aim is to continue in the footprints that Warren has established by giving our audience access to presentations by recognized leaders in our field.

Create a content-rich learning environment
With this Speaker Series we want to create a content-rich learning environment. We want this to be an event to you continue to look forward to coming back to because of its value to you as a professional.

Facilitate collaborative dialogue
In our world it is sometimes easy to slip into our our comfort zones and niches. We’d like for this Speaker Series to follow Warren’s life’s example of encouraging dialogue among professionals in our field. One of our goals is to facilitate collaborative dialogue during and after our events.

Provide networking opportunities
It is important to us, therefore, that at each event we provide a vibrant networking opportunity.

Celebrate professionals in our field
As we get to know and appreciate each other for the areas of service we are each involved in, it will become evident to us that we don’t spend enough time celebrating our daily successes and accomplishments. One of our goals is that you leave our events with a smile on your face and a quickened gate to you step!


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Our conference series is named in honour of Warren Estabrooks,
M.Ed., Dip. Ed. Deaf, LSLS Cert. AVT®

For over forty years, Warren Estabrooks has been setting the standard and raising the bar in professional practice. Recognized as an expert and trailblazer in the areas of auditory-verbal practice, auditory rehabilitation, auditory learning and hearing loss in children and adults, Warren is a highly sought after global consultant and he is particularly instrumental in the training and development of professionals in related pediatric and adult disciplines.

In 2007, Warren Estabrooks presented the International Speakers’ Program (ISP) of WE Listen International Inc. for auditory-verbal therapists, audiologists, speech-language pathologists, otolaryngologists, researchers, teachers, communicative disorders assistants, administrators, medical staff, students, and parents. Offered semi-annually as one-day conferences in workshop format, the ISP presented cutting edge information from well-regarded speakers in the fields of Audiology and Listening and Spoken Language interventions.

WE Listen International Inc. held its final Speakers’ Program on October 24, 2014 and the Warren Estabrooks Speaker Series (WESS) of SoundIntuition was unveiled. SoundIntuition provides online continuing education opportunities in the field of communication disorders and was founded by Karen MacIver-Lux who is one of the many children Warren saw for weekly auditory-verbal therapy at North York General Hospital.

Warren continues to make a significant impact in the lives of children and adults with hearing loss and their families around the globe through his books, lectures, global training programs and consultations. SoundIntuition is honoured and privileged to introduce the WESS to the professional community and the individuals and families they serve. 

At the WESS, we aim to inspire professionals and families as much as Warren has inspired us.